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Native Advertising The Week’s Top StoriesHere are the top stories from around the world of native advertising that we’ve been following in the past week.

Remember the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) native advertising forum in late 2013? At that time, based on conversations and some pretty pointed direct quotes from FTC staffers, the speculation was that the FTC would not only hold additional forums, but also consider issuing guidance on native advertising.

Maybe you’ve done it. Or your best friend has. Or your former college roommate, who just “challenged” you (on Facebook, of course). Yes, we’re talking about the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” a clever fundraising campaign waged by the ALS Association to raise money to fund research to combat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

Is nothing sacred? When it comes to angling for advertising edge, of course not! We can’t reveal our source, but NativeMobile has learned that one major (but unnamed) retail giant purportedly wanted to “subtly sponsor” a Saturday Night Live sketch that would feature cast members playing out a sketch inside of the retailer’s store.

Product placements in movies, music videos, and other artsy offerings have become ubiquitous. Yes, we’ve all (or, a lot of us have) seen Sarah Palin’s recent ALS “Bucket Challenge” video in which she plugs Dr. Pepper. (Memo to Palin: — Duh, that’s not how the challenge works).

Ahead of the company’s official news release this morning, NativeMobile was privy to inside details on the first major development from Opera Mediaworks freshly launched Innovation Lab. Scott Swanson, President of Global Advertising Sales at Opera Mediaworks, spoke with us last night to discuss how Opera Mediaworks has created a “custom Dynamic Sales Event mobile ad unit” for Toyota.

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