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Native Advertising is a Natural for the Young, New UK Research ShowsWhat demographic is most likely to warm to the virtues of native advertising?

In the UK, that would be the young. Recent research from Adyoulike has revealed that more than half (57%) of youngsters in Great Britain (that would be folks under the age of 34) are highly inclined to check out a native ad so long as the presented content is relevant and of interest.

But that degree of engagement pops significantly (to 63 percent) for even younger Brits (those between the ages of 18 to 24).

“Written feature articles were found to be the type of paid-for online content more people prefer to consume (32 percent), followed by list-based articles (24 percent), videos (17 percent) and sponsored social media posts (13 percent),” says Ellen Hammett of Mediatel. “The study of 1,000 UK adults aged 18-33 also revealed that consumers are increasingly more aware of the terms online marketers, publishers and content providers use, with 52 percent saying that they are familiar with ‘editorial’ and 41 percent with what ‘sponsored’ means.”

It appears that advertising and marketing terms are now resonating with the younger cohort. In fact, 32 percent of survey respondents said that they “know what an advertorial is,” while 29 percent were clear about the meaning of ” branded content.”

The most popular content? According to the survey, it’s news (viewed by 76 percent), followed by sport (38 percent in total, but up to 61 percent among men exclusively). Lifestyle content was cited as a go-to by 24 percent of respondents.

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