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Native Ads Uber Allies Mobile App Taxi Service May Go Native to Counter Consumer ConcernsEveryone knows Uber by now. It’s the company that developed and now markets and operates a mobile-app-based transportation network. The Uber app lets consumers (mostly in bigger cities) submit trip requests, which are then relayed to crowd-sourced freelance “taxi” drivers.

But there’s been some downside pressure on the company as of late. Some potential users remain on the fence about Uber because they’ve heard mixed reviews or have security concerns. Not to mention the backlash from traditional taxi drivers and the outcry from cities where taxi medallion fees are valuable to municipal budgets.

Now NativeMobile has heard rumors that Uber may turn to native ads to remain in the public’s good graces.

“Commentary-style posts featuring real testimony from both passengers and drivers alike who have had positive experiences” is what we heard are in the works. Additionally, we were told that — in an effort to attract more drivers — Uber may begin to tweak its marketing to include more driver success stories.

In some cases, drivers are earning a very handsome living. And Uber wants other potential drivers to know it.

Of course, Uber has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Its drivers — a large contingent of independent contractors who pay their own expenses and may or may not ever get a vacation — form the backbone of a new age kind of company where everyone is pretty much on their own.

But Uber users are growing in number — and we hear the company wants to stay on that highway to heaven. Native advertising, especially with video, might be the right fare.

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