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Native Ads to the Rescue When New Year Sales Give Novartis Execs HeartburnThere are many companies that won’t welcome the New Year with much joy. Think sellers of Christmas trees, purveyors of canned pumpkin, and the titans of cellophane tape.

But there are other businesses you wouldn’t necessarily think of — like, perhaps, Novartis, for instance. A major pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets a bevy of drugs, it could temporarily see sales tumble for its antacids (OTC medicines containing alkaline ions that neutralize gastric acid — like Maalox) as the days of heavy eating recede and the time for “getting back in shape” takes over.

The sales slump (which we hear is common across the antacid meds marketplace after the holidays as binge eating subsides) must give Novartis marketers a special case of heartburn.

Based on some chatter to which NativeMobile is privy, Novartis may be planning some major social media marketing campaigns for early 2015.

We don’t have specifics on what the rumored ads will involve, but if speculation is correct, we could see an array of Instagram visuals that casually remind consumers that antacids are handy to have around — even if people don’t need them as much in January and February as they do in November and December.

It could work. Staying “top of mind” year round is one of the mantras of effective marketing.

On the other hand, Novartis could decide to promote the benefits of beans. The company also makes Gas-X, you know.

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