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Native Ads About to Make Some RacquetCan native ads help to drive record sales of tennis equipment in the United States? We may find out this year.

According to new information to which NativeMobile was exclusively privy this week, some of the world’s leading tennis ball, racquet and net makers are set to invest serious marketing cash into flashy visual ads (that won’t look much like ads) across leading social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

A freshly completed but still unpublished survey of U.S. adults describing themselves as “casual tennis players” or “tennis fans” finds that exposure to “inspiring imagery” makes them want to invest in a new racquet or at least head to the court more regularly.

Consequently, marketers for both small and gargantuan sporting equipment makers alike are expected to focus less on ads that simply present products, and escalate focus on champions in their moments of glory (images that will almost certainly feature a branded product being used to achieve that glory).

Of course, the tennis industry isn’t really in need of rescue by social media marketing or an aggressive native advertising push. According to the 2014 State of the Industry report from the Tennis Industry Association, the U.S. tennis economy is valued at $5.55 billion, with record numbers of Americans taking up tennis and purchasing the hardware they need to play.

So can native advertising make a good thing even better? Marketers, it’s your serve.

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