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Native Ads Hype New Season of Louie C.K.’s Hit ShowTwo things are hot right now (among other items we might mention) — comic Louis C.K. and native advertising.

Those two will come together as New York magazine turns over its entertainment site to native content plugging the new season of C.K.’s sitcom on FX.

Reported to cost somewhere in the six figures, the content was produced by New York’s creative services department in consultation with FX’s agency Moxie. Editorial staff at the mag were not part of that team (keeping the line between advertising and editorial pretty bright).

“This is the largest custom-content program we’ve done on Vulture so far,” Larry Burstein, New York’s publisher, recently told AdAge. “It’s sponsored content people will really enjoy.”

The home page will be highlighted by multiple branded content creations — from graphics to stories to video. And all signs point to a promotional success.

Even Burstein admits that sponsored content is getting more attention at New York magazine. Of course, no marketing strategy is fool-proof. And expensive risks are being taken.

While the publisher won’t talk numbers, it’s not a cheap foray and industry observers will be watching to see if C.K. and native click. For now, Burstein takes a wait-and-see stance. But he won’t have to wait long. All the answers he’s waiting for will be here Thursday when the ratings for Louie’s return come in.

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