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Native Ad Job Recruitment Don't Forget, Companies are Brands, TooThe next time you get excited about a company might not be elicited by a classified ad, LinkedIn post, or bulletin board announcement.

As it turns out, corporations — who are themselves brands that seek to promote their images and corporate cultures — may turn to native advertising to tell their stories and seek engagement.

It could work wonders with those fresh-out-of-college graduates whose knowledge comes not only from the university classroom, but also online venues and social media. For heaven’s sake, that’s where they’re learning about wearables, and the latest iPhone, and everything else in their world.

Of course, college grads aren’t interested in starting at the bottom anymore. They want to start out as CEO (but that’s a different story for a different day … and we promise not to talk too much about Zuckerberg).

One thing is certain: even if the pay and position aren’t ideal, hot job prospects will consider taking an entry level position if a company’s “corporate culture” is attractive and inviting.

That’s difficult to convey by traditional means, but it’s a perfect subject for native advertising campaigns.

We’re not the only ones who think so. NativeMobile just heard from one of the nation’s largest recruiting agencies that it’s preparing to do just that. The agency is planning to launch a new service for employers in the fourth quarter of this year that will place digital photos, videos, and other content portraying a company’s attractive company culture across social media in an effort to entice young job seekers to those firms.

The highly visual ads, we’re told, will be “heavily targeted at early to mid 20-somethings” and in a variety of niche fields in the beginning.

Where will it lead? Can you get your job trolling Facebook or by perusing Instagram photos of a corporate cafeteria?

We’re not sure. After all, we started in the mail room and worked our way up. And we still don’t have corner offices.

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