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Native Ad Innovator Talks Celebrity 'Click' FactorNativeMobile was fortunate to catch up this morning with the team at MGID, one of the first native advertising companies to emerge on the global scene some seven years ago, to chat about their newest celebrity “click” factor report.

With less than a month to go before the 87th Academy Awards ceremony is held, the native advertising pioneer is out with a list of the “most clickable” Oscar nominees of 2015.

MGID’s scale (ranked from 0 to 10) is designed to measure how viral a piece of content is — based upon user engagement, click-through statistics, and other traffic metrics derived from thousands of entertainment online news sites and blogs.

So who takes home a solid 10 this year (meaning the best so-called “click factor” for online ads)? Only two Oscar nominees scored a 10. The first is Emma Stone, nominated for best actress in a supporting role for her performance in “Birdman.” The other is Steve Carell, nominated for best actor for his performance in “Foxcatcher.”

“The other nominees did not rank over a Click Factor of 2, “demonstrating a large margin between content that was viral and content that wasn’t,” MGID reports.

Female nominees with the best click factor were, in order of clickability: Emma Stone, Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Felicity Jones, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette.

Male nominees with the best click factor, respectively, were: Steve Carell, Edward Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Ethan Hawke, J.K. Simmons, Robert Duvall, and Michael Keaton.

“We certainly don’t think an Oscar nominee’s Click Factor will indicate who will win the award, or even whether or not they are good actors, but it is a great way to see what Internet audiences are interested in,” Sergey Denisenko, CEO of MGID, was quoted in a news release. “Also the disparity between what our Facebook fans cited as their favorite nominees and what audiences clicked on demonstrates that just because a celebrity is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘clickable.’”

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