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NAI, DAA Unveil New Consumer Choice Tools for Interest-Based AdvertisingAfter two years of analysis and development, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) have released new versions of their easy-to-use consumer choice tools for setting preferences about digital advertising data collection and use.

“Improvements to the NAI tool and DAA tool include an enhanced user experience, the ability for companies to easily disclose to consumers their use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies for digital interest-based advertising (IBA), and controls for users to opt-out of such use,” reads the official word on the announcement.

This latest version of the tools represents the commitment of two industry-leading self-regulatory organizations to providing consumer notice and choice.

What do the new tools offer? For starters, there’s a significantly improved consumer experience design, including a simplified, mobile-responsive interface. Altogether, it reduces the need to modify browser settings for successful opt-outs and provides a real-time status check that reports the use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies.

“Our new tool show NAI’s continuing commitment to cutting-edge innovation and transparency in our industry,” said NAI President and CEO Leigh Freund. “The tool is the first to offer a technology-based opt-out for both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies. It surfaces the information consumers care about and gives them a smart, user-friendly way to express their preferences.”

Consumers using an existing NAI or DAA choice tool won’t have their preferences  changed by the new version. However, consumers are encouraged to use the new versions if they wish to opt-out of IBA that uses non-cookie technology.

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