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A new mobile app called “MyCollege Connect” has just been launched. The idea came from a Virginia startup known as College Connect LLC which hired D.C. app firm Simpalm to create it.

“The MyCollege Connect app enables students to discover and connect with faculty and students in shared and similar courses and programs,” reads the official announcement. “Once connected, students and faculty can easily share chat sessions, event information, news, assignment deadlines, files, and other information and resources.”

College Connect LLC believes the app goes beyond being a social communication tool, offering a competitive edge for students who want to be on top of assignment requirements, deadlines, test dates, resources, and essential planning details.

The app has feature-rich platform with a built-in chat platform, discussions forum, and status-notification display. A Class Feed section makes it easy for students to share files and resources with peers and faculty members.

Notable features include:

  • The ability to discover and connect with students in similar courses and programs.
  • An ability to post status and comment on the statuses of fellow students.
  • Access to Class Feed for latest news and information about deadlines, test dates, project requirements, activities, and meetings.
  • One-to-one chat options for discussion with students and faculty.
  • Option to receive alerts via the app’s built-in push-notification capabilities.
  • A built-in calendar for adding/managing events.

The MyCollege Connect iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store here.

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