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Move Over Mom Mobile Advertisers May Want to Spend More Time Targeting DadIt’s a well-known fact that moms spend a lot of time on their mobile phones.

What about Dad? New research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Millennial Media suggests fathers constitute an excellent market for mobile advertisers.

As the infographic below details, the 52 million mobile Dads represent 21 percent of the total mobile audience in the U.S. Though they spend less interactive time on their phones, they’ve got some things that recommend them to mobile marketers: a desire to spend on family via mobile as well as the spending power to carry through.

“So what makes mobile dads an important demographic segment?” asks the IAB. “Spending power for one thing: 58 percent of mobile dads have a household income over $75,000 per year, which is 33 percent higher than the mobile average income. That’s because almost three in four mobile dads work full time. And they are willing to spend some of that money via their mobile devices.”

Father’s Day is coming up. Here’s hoping their families don’t forget them on their special day. And that advertisers don’t forget them, either.


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