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Marketing analytics firm Singular recently sifted through $3 billion in ad spending and 2.4 billion installs to calculate its “Singular ROI Index.” The Index identifies the return-on-investment for the performance of mobile ad networks.

One finding led to Singular’s identification of Motive Interactive as one of the Top 20 Best Performing Mobile Ad Networks in the world — as well as a “Network on the Rise.”

“Singular predicts Motive Interactive will see growth and an increased mobile ad budget from top mobile brands,” the Singular team says. “Motive’s programmatic buying technology, advanced campaign management tools, and unwavering commitment to quality clearly drives this exceptional ROI and client success.”

Motive Interactive — a global mobile advertising platform, –offers performance mobile marketing, user acquisition, and programmatic media buying.

The company, we’re told, has already seen impressive growth under the leadership of its founder and CEO Brendan Smith. Smith pivoted Motive’s online marketing business into mobile advertising in 2012 and now serves several marquee clients.

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