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Mobrain's Headway Platform Boosts Campaign PerformanceNews has reached us that global data-driven media and marketing firm Headway is doing well boosting higher conversion rates and real insights for international brands.

“Advertisers utilizing Headway’s mobile advertising platform, Mobrain, are noting higher performance as well as greater protection against mobile app fraud with Mobrain’s Genius tool,” according a statement emailed to MAW.

While cyber criminals cost mobile advertisers billions of dollars due to fraud, Headway’s Mobrain Genius fraud prevention and detection tool gives advertisers control over their mobile campaigns and monitors campaign performance.

Mobrain Genius results are impressive. Data shows that the proportion of highly suspicious traffic is lowered from 15.8 percent to 5.6 percent, on average. Clean traffic rose from 73 percent to 88.6 percent. According to the company, its multi-layered data processing system allows them to find and block more than 115 suspicious sources.

“We discovered a new way of looking at data that was already there, but wasn’t being properly used,” said Luis Barrague, the COO of Headway. “We’ve already analyzed the inventory of our long-term traffic partners and have been able to blacklist all suspicious sources. Our continuous communication system notifies our sources of any suspicious activity and removes it from advertising campaigns.”

The company is showcasing Mobrain Genius at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this week.

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