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A new collaboration could well give advertisers their first opportunity to easily access accurate first party location data utilizing beacons and GPS data from millions of devices.

What’s happening? The latest news is that Mobiquity Networks, a mobile location data and marketing company, will team up with Airmarket Inc, a micro-location mobile ad platform for advertisers, to offer advertisers and their agencies access to Mobiquity Network’s premium location data — as well as “inventory allowing for real-time targeting of audiences when people are in a specific location or moment.”

“Airmarket is the first mobile ad-tech platform that enables advertisers to easily access disparate beacon and app networks to micro-location target people via their mobile devices bringing semblance and order to what has previously been viewed as a highly fragmented ecosystem,” the company tells MAW.

The combination of Mobiquity’s data and the Airmarket platform will provide innovative new methods for advertisers to reach mobile customers via in-app ad-targeting based on previous location history. Ads with higher degrees of relevancy and attribution create exciting new and immediate revenue opportunities for both companies.

“Mobiquity’s highly accurate location data and app network greatly enhance our ability to deliver micro-location targeting for advertisers at unprecedented scale, creating tangible value for Airmarket, Mobiquity, and most importantly our clients,” said Andrew Davis, the co-founder and COO of Airmarket Inc.

“Airmarket has built an impressive mobile ad-tech platform that delivers proven results,” stated Sean Trepeta, President of Mobiquity Networks. “Now, combining the significant benefits of both platforms, virtually every ad served will reach its intended target audience, at exactly the right time and place, giving the advertiser the maximum opportunity to influence the consumer’s purchase decisions.”

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