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Mobile Programmatic Trends Report Brand Spend Continues to Drive RevenueThe latest Mobile Programmatic Trends Report is out from Twitter’s MoPub.

The report reflects analysis of data from the MoPub Marketplace which, we’re told, represents more than 31,000 active mobile apps, more than 335 billion monthly ad requests, more than 1 billion unique devices, and 175+ demand-side platforms.

While demand partners are discovering and buying new inventory, and seeing strong performance, inventory discovery is a critical element, notes the report.

“With more than 335 billion monthly ad requests on MoPub alone, there’s never been more supply available,” explains a Twitter blog post. “While more supply is good, it can be more difficult for advertisers to find the right impressions. And for publishers, connecting with the right buyers becomes more competitive.”

But there’s definitely good news for Q3.

“In this quarter’s report, we found that demand partners who bought inventory on any of the 580 new apps that launched in Q3 had 186 percent higher click-through rates and 46 percent lower cost-per-click than when buying supply from apps launched prior to Q3.”

In addition, publishers have seen success for new apps launched in Q3. Those enjoyed a 67 percent higher average eCPM than apps introduced prior to Q3.

Brand spend continues to drive revenue in private marketplaces, especially leading up to the holidays.

“In Q4 2014, we saw brand spend overtake performance spend during the holidays,” Twitter reports. “While it remains to be seen if brands will again comprise the majority of spend in the open marketplace during the holidays, the trend of brand spend in private marketplaces continued in Q3.”

In fact, MoPub found, brands made up 60 percent of the top 25 advertisers running campaigns via private marketplaces.

And — no big surprise — “moments continue to matter” for mobile advertisers.

“In Q1 2015, we saw the Super Bowl bring big increases in advertiser spend. In this quarter’s report, we found the trend continue of reaching people during major moments in the sporting world,” the report reveals. “Average daily spend increased by 66 percent in sports apps on NFL and NCAA football game days — coinciding with NFL and NCAA football season kick-offs.”

To learn more, download the full report here.

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