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Mobile Likely to Blame for Expected Microsoft Job CutsThousands of jobs may be temporarily or permanently eliminated at Microsoft in the coming days, say sources close to the software giant and fledgling mobile tech maker.

Trailing dramatically behind iOS and Android in the battle for smartphone and tablet supremacy, shortcomings in mobile are largely to blame for the anticipated cuts, which could be announced before the end of this week.

According to the latest comScore smartphone market share report, Android ranks as the top domestic smartphone platform with 52.1 percent market share, followed by Apple with 41.9 percent, Microsoft with 3.4 percent, BlackBerry with 2.3 percent and Symbian with 0.1 percent.

Clearly, Microsoft is struggling to gain momentum in mobile and plans to retool spending until a newer and, hopefully, more successful strategy can be formulated.

Sources speaking in confidence with NativeMobile affirm similar layoff estimates reported across the tech blogosphere in the last 24 hours. If the chatter is accurate, Microsoft could relinquish at least 6,000 employees.

As of this writing, it’s believed the cuts will exceed in number the 5,800 positions eliminated by Microsoft in 2009. The cuts will also mark the first major cost-slashing efforts by new Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella.

Based on employment data gleaned just last month, Microsoft still employs just north of 127,000 people.

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