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Mobile Labs Releases deviceConnect Version 6 for iOS 9 & Android 6Mobile Labs is out with “deviceBridge,” a new extension to its popular deviceConnect that offers support for both open-source automated testing frameworks and mobile app development tools.

The company has also announced the immediate availability of deviceConnect Release 6.0, supporting iOS 9 and Android 6 devices.

“With this release, our customers are equipped to continue to work with the latest operating systems from Google and Apple,” said Donald Addington, President and CEO of Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds that improve mobile app quality and speed app delivery. “This release expands the role deviceConnect plays in mobile app development, testing, and support.”

deviceBridge operates as a separately-priced extension to deviceConnect. It provides industry-first support for mobile app developers who wish to use cloud-based real mobile devices with tools like Xcode for app checkout and debugging.

“deviceBridge also expands deviceConnect’s universe of mobile app test automation to include using cloud-based devices with open source test frameworks such as Appium and Calabash,” the company tells us. “This brings all the remote access, management, scheduling, and DevOps benefits of deviceConnect to these new uses.”

deviceBridge acts as a “virtual USB cable” that allows users who normally use local, USB-attached mobile devices to instead instantly select, view, and use remote real devices from a deviceConnect cloud.

The extension also supports leading open-source mobile testing frameworks that ordinarily use USB-attached devices, such as Appium and Calabash (for instance, Appium servers can use any cloud device without changes to scripts or to Appium itself).

“deviceBridge represents a complete re-thinking of how mobile device clouds can improve quality in all phases of mobile app development, testing, and support,” said Addington. “Through deviceBridge, developers will find new freedom and improved velocity by having a wide range of cloud-based devices at their fingertips for coding, checking, and debugging.”

According to details shared with MAW, Release 6 of deviceConnect supporting iOS 9 and Android 6 devices and deviceBridge for iOS devices is available immediately, with a version of deviceBridge for Android Developer Studio and Android devices expected in a future release.

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