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Mobile Advertisers Take Note Millennial Moms Are Digital DoyennesMillennial moms have become more comfortable shopping digitally.

This demographic, according to recent research, is turning to mobile devices to research, read reviews, and make their purchases.

September, 2015 research by Roth Capital Partners (ROTH) showed that almost half (46.8 percent) of   internet user moms in the 20 to 35 age group made digital purchases primarily via a mobile phone or tablet.

“Asked about how they use their smartphone when in-store or out shopping, 75.2 percent of respondents polled searched for better prices elsewhere, nearly two-thirds (65.8 percent) searched for or read product reviews, and 62.1 percent searched for or downloaded mobile coupons,” reports eMarketer.

Mobile is popular among members of this group and signs point to continued mobile buying growth. For instance, December, 2014 BabyCenter and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) survey found that nine in 10 U.S. millennial mother internet users who were polled now use a smartphone.

When shopping outside the home, 81 percent of that group used their devices while in-store.

“Millennials mothers are comfortable buying a wide variety of products online, without having to first see them in person, ROTH also revealed. Respondents were most likely to report feeling comfortable buying diapers online, an early category of goods that shifted to digital shopping for many parents,” notes eMarketer.

While toys, electronic toys, and clothing were also things millennial moms were comfortable buying online, there is still some reticence when it come to car seats, body care, and baby food — all items moms appear to want to see in person and inspect before purchasing.

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