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Mobile Ads Mean More Savings for Mobile Phone Buyers on AmazonAmazon Prime members are being offered exclusive pricing (as much as 50 percent off) unlocked Android smartphones.

But there’s a catch.

The all-new BLU R1 HD is only $49.99 ($50.00 off its retail price of $99.99) and the new fourth-generation Motorola Moto G is $149.99 ($50.00 off its retail price of $199.99).

Both phones are unlocked, with no commitment to a contract, giving Prime members the flexibility to switch between wireless carriers and service options to best fit their needs.

As for the catch? The inexpensive phones come with ads on the mobile screen.

“The breakthrough pricing on unlocked smartphones is supported by personalized offers and ads, including deals and product recommendations, displayed on the phone’s lockscreen,” Amazon explains. “When a customer sees an offer, they can tap to learn more about it or simply unlock their phone to dismiss.”

Laura Orvidas, the Vice President for Consumer Electronics at, believes the phones serve a known need.

“Customers love the freedom of unlocked phones—it’s the fastest growing category within cell phones on—so we set out to find a way to make them even more affordable for our Prime members,” Orvidas said. “We currently offer low prices supported by lockscreen offers and ads on our Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers, and they’ve been a hit — in fact, the vast majority of customers choose the lower-priced option. Now we’re lowering prices in a similar way on new, unlocked smartphones, working with two of our best-selling brands, BLU and Motorola.”

So is this the future of inexpensive mobile phones – ad soaked deals?

“I think this is a decent gimmick that will drive some sales for some consumers,” tech market watcher and New York based analyst Ian Hayes tells MAW. “But it has limited market appeal in the grand scheme of things.”

Nonetheless, if you want more detailed info on the offer and phones, click here.

Both the BLU R1 HD and Moto G are available for pre-order now.

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