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How Mobile Ads Are Becoming Less AnnoyingAs mobile continues to take over the advertising world, advertising agencies are looking for ways to make mobile ads less annoying. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an unruly banner ad or pop-ups in apps knows that the current formats are far more annoying than they are effective. Many app developers make their money off the belief that consumers will gladly pay a couple of bucks to use their favorite apps without the ads.

In addition to new formats, advertising agencies are looking for ways to improve the targeting technology. As of yet, there is not good way to track users as they surf the internet on their smartphones, which can make it particularly difficult to see what kinds of products and services might appeal to the specific user.

Most consumers are recommending that ad firms exercise restraint as new formats and tracking technology become available. The smaller screen of the mobile device means that most ads are simply in the way, causing frustration, rather than doing any actual advertising.

Once better location-targeting tech is available, advertisers believe they will be able to use mobile ads as a way to offer coupons and other offers that are usually reserved just for email lists. This, and other similar formats, which will offer the consumer something in exchange for the click-through, will make mobile ads less annoying and more useful.

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