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Mobile Ad Solutions on Tap from Taptica at Mobile World CongressTaptica, a leading mobile user acquisition platform for advertising agencies and brands, used Mobile World Congress this week to showcase its latest mobile ad solutions.

The company, which touts itself as being dedicated to creating “advanced tools to track behavior and enable targeted advertising,” created quite a buzz in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, Taptica is showcasing its recently-launched data analytics tool that drills down into mobile user behavior and demographics so marketers can better target their advertising campaigns.

How does the company do it?

“(Taptica) is able to offer a more accurate picture of user behavior due to its growing database of user profiles based on the utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning on a big data scale,” the company’s marketing materials circulated at MWC reads.

Taptica says its database now includes 200 million user profiles globally, with more than 100 data points available on each user gleaned from some 10,000 mobile campaigns.

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