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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Which Are the Best Mobile App Marketing Agencies of AllAn agency boasting itself to be an independent authority on web design and development has just announced the ten best mobile app marketing firms.

The May 2015 data, which comes to us by way of, is the basis of the online ratings leading to the rankings shared below.

Each firm in the ratings is hailed as a trustworthy mobile app marketing firm and has been put through an “in-depth analysis” to decide how well they perform compared to industry standards and competitors.

The evaluation included a set of criteria which consisted of five verticals of evaluation to benchmark and compare the services. The five areas of evaluation are channel identification, brand recognition, CPA minimization, reporting, and monitoring.

With all factors considered, the top ten mobile app marketing firms for May 2015 are as follows:

  1. WebiMax
  2. Buildrr LLC
  3. Apalon
  4. Kumuva Digital
  5. Localytics
  6. AppClover
  7. Tecmark
  8. Fetch
  9. Weever Media
  10. ApproStar

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