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Mighteor is out with a new survey with trends data for the exploding mobile video market.

According to the full-service video production company with offices in Minneapolis and Denver, change is largely driven by millennials, who are flocking to mobile devices to view video content.

“As millennials take to their phones as their primary source for viewing video content, marketers, advertisers, production companies, and even Hollywood are adapting to create content that reaches target audiences most effectively,” notes the report summary provided to MAW.

In fact, for the first time ever, more video views were logged on mobile devices than any other type of technology. That happened in the last quarter of 2016.

Mighteor’s survey of hundreds of smartphone users also sought to resolve the chicken-and-egg question.

“It may be easy to assume that the new era media companies —  such as Tasty, Now This!, and BuzzFeed — are the principal cause in this change of viewership hunger and mobile based bingeing,” noted the report, “but Mighteor’s survey findings present an alternate view – one which points to viewers rewarding more mobile-friendly production by consuming en masse and driving the trend through their demand.”

Ad models are changing as a result.

According to Elizabeth Giorgi​, Mighteor’s Director and CEO, “Facebook has disrupted the concept of traditional 16:9 models. We’re starting to see more square or 1:1 content and that trend has been driven almost entirely by Facebook and Instagram.”

Social media sites are spurring more vertical video formats as well. Vertical videos, or videos in 9×16 formats, are being consumed en masse by Millennials thanks to Snapchat, which has driven interest in the non-traditional size. Interestingly, Mighteor’s survey uncovered the fact that 72 percent of millennials do not bother to flip their phones horizontally to view a video.

Mighteor’s trend-spotting will help marketers implement practices that help capture more mobile viewing.

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