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Microsoft In-App Native Advertising Has Unlimited PotentialIn a guest contributed commentary this week in Marketing Magazine, Owen Sagness, general manager of Microsoft’s Advertising and Online unit in the United Kingdom, shared his view that in-app native advertising is “the next big thing” in mobile advertising.

And it’s clearly inferred that Sagness is sharing the opinion held by Microsoft at large.

When it comes to what the future will look like in mobile advertising, Microsoft is apparently taking the position that in-app native ads will be the dominant format. And Microsoft’s Ads-in-Apps, which run on Windows 8 on desktop and tablet, obviously represent the software giant’s exploration of this mammoth potential.

“Brands including Warner Bros. – which ran an ad for the most recent Hobbit film inside our video app – are taking advantage of this format,” Sagness explains.

Apps provide the most natural platform for native advertising, as we have a better understanding of audience intent inside an app and can provide a more tailored experience. It’s also been proven that consumers are more immersed in their experience when using apps, and therefore more receptive to brand engagement. The consumer has specifically chosen to download that particular app, rather than having a branded experience thrust on them – so the brand and consumer are connected in a mutually beneficial way.

The bottom line? According to Sagness, the near future will see brands combining this knowledge with consumers’ data in real-time across screens, “providing something genuinely bespoke.”

“This convergence of big data, native advertising and the hundreds of thousands of different apps on the market has such potential,” he concludes, “and this will be an exciting focus area for brands in the coming years.”

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