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MicroEJ to Debut App Store for IoT at CES2016Everyone is gearing up today’s kick-off to the 2016 Consumers Electronics Show (CES2016), including MicroEJ.

The company’s latest product — the MicroEJ Application Store — will be introduced there.

“MicroEJ Application Store allows device manufacturers and OEMs to create an ecosystem around their products to serve their customers (device users), application developers, and service providers,” a company statement emailed to MAW reads. “As part of this ecosystem, users of MicroEJ-ready devices can extend the functionality of their devices and potentially subscribe to cloud-based services through applications, just as with smartphones and tablets.”

In fact, all of the firm’s IoT portfolio products — from the MicroEJ Application Store to MicroEJ Studio, MicroEJ Workbench, and MicroEJ OS — will be demonstrated at CES2016.

“Manufacturers can publish specifications of their MicroEJ-enabled devices on the MicroEJ Application Store. Virtual devices specify precisely the capabilities and set of APIs offered by the built-in MicroEJ OS in order to guide developers of applications for those devices,” according to the firm’s provided statement.

End-users will be able to download applications for their MicroEJ-ready devices from the Store. They can be installed either through a mobile app or through the MicroEJ store app embedded in their devices.

The MicroEJ Application Store will open at sometime during the first quarter of this year.

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