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Following what the company calls a landmark year for the in-app mobile video ad platform, MediaBrix announced this morning that it has rebranded as Receptiv, including its new product suite: Receptiv Video Marketplace for programmatic buying and Receptiv Solutions for managed services.

Sure, it’s a mouthful. But what does it all mean?

Now with “exclusive partners,” programmatic demand will be headed up by new Vice President of Programmatic Sales Derek Weingarten, formerly of OwnerIQ, the company tells MAW.

Receptiv’s third-generation product suite now accommodates IAB standard units, across both divisions, we’re told.

Additionally, the company also announced the launch of Motiv, its first-party data management platform (DMP), built on billions of mobile data points across more than 1,300 premium apps and 150 million DeviceIDs.

“As we continue to lead the industry with mobile ad innovation, our North Star has always been to create the most receptive ad experiences for users, something sorely lacking in our industry. Our data and insights around user experience have grown much more sophisticated, and as a result, our company identity and offerings have become more refined and differentiated,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of Receptiv. “We’ve harnessed our first-party data for advanced mobile audience intelligence and precise targeting to create the most scalable, contextually relevant ads for today’s consumers — who prefer to have brands add value to their app experience, rather than detract from it.”

To check out Receptiv’s expanded product suite, click here.

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