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Measuring Social Media Advertising ROI Has Much Room for ImprovementDo ads on social media channels really work? Do marketing efforts in general even work on these channels?

Maybe too few really know, if a recent study by Simply Measured and TrustRadius is any indication.

That study revealed that close to 90% of companies with over 100 employees will use social media to promote or advertise something this year. But they still struggle to measure the value of such efforts.

“Social media professionals in North America from companies of all sizes were most likely to cite measuring return on investment (ROI) as one of the most challenging aspects of their social media programs,” according to eMarketer.

This isn’t the first study to call a spade a spade.

For instance, a late 2014 study from SharpSpring indicated that 40 percent of ad agency professionals worldwide cited the inability to measure ROI as a leading obstacle to achieving social media marketing success.

And a multitude of other studies confirm the same.

So what’s the answer to this quandary?

“One key factor that could be preventing measurement success is the proper usage of social media technology,” notes eMarketer.

In sum, though marketers have gravitated to social tools for marketing purposes, there’s still “discontent with the ability to act on the findings.”

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