Native Mobile Advertising
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Matomy Media Group is out with news of its integration of programmatic native advertising on its “myDSP,” a self-serve demand side platform for mobile.

Now, myDSP will support native advertising for both in-app and mobile web platforms. Customers of the platform will be able to leverage the engaging native format efficiently to support their mobile advertising strategies.

“One of the fastest growing advertising channels, native advertisements blend seamlessly with their environments and create non-disruptive experiences, garnering better audience engagement,” the firm said Wednesday. “By offering native advertising capabilities on its programmatic platform, myDSP makes native accessible from a single buying console while providing clients with full transparency to decide where their native ads are running, to whom they are delivered, and how much budget to spend.”

Matomy’s myDSP allows buyers to set up native creatives, harvest native assets directly from Google Play and the App Store, and buy native media programmatically on the open RTB environment from leading exchanges.

“Native ads have become an integral part of our mobile ad strategies to gain highly-engaged users, whether you want to tap into native using the myDSP self-serve platform or with the help of a campaign manager,” explains company VP Mor Meroz. “The demand platform’s data-driven tools, including data analysis, machine learning, and targeting technologies, optimize every aspect of native campaigns, thereby maximizing ROI.”

Matomy launched myDSP last year. It came after combining MobFox technology with Matomy’s internal DSPs, then adding new, unique features developed for smarter programmatic advertising and optimization.

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