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Marketing the Mirth BlackBerry May Advertise with a Simple ‘Happy’ MessageWe don’t always have our ear to the smartphone — sometimes, we focus on the grapevine.

Now NativeMobile has learned from a connected source at BlackBerry that the embattled smartphone maker may try something new in its marketing as its new handsets are released this year and next to once again challenge iOS and Android.

Maybe Blackberry is learning that a direct confrontation with the preeminent smartphone behemoths offers few benefits.

Because, frankly, Blackberry owners are a happy lot. With studies continuing to show that BlackBerry users are highly satisfied and generally quite happy with their user experience, BlackBerry may try to ratchet down the marketing rhetoric with its next ad campaign. Instead, the grapevine suggests, the company may release a short burst of TV and social media videos ads that say very little but ratchet up the happy vibe by showing happy BlackBerry users, perhaps even set to the tune of a popular song like “Happy” by Pharrell.

At least, that’s one idea on the Blackberry drawing board, we understand.

Does it matter that Pharrell is quite an Apple fan? Stranger things have happened.

Whether or not Pharrell will want his music used in a BlackBerry ad is beyond our crystal ball powers. But we can confirm that BlackBerry wants to radically revamp its marketing by focusing more on happy users and positive emotions than finding one more way to say “Hey, we think we’re better than iPhone!”

NativeMobile will be happy to report back if and when we learn more.

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