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Marketing Moxie Deconstructed: iHeartMedia and Advertising Age Launch Tagline Podcast to Share InfoEven a veteran marketer who is considered an expert is always on the lookout for more information and shrewd analysis.

Now marketers everywhere — expert and non-expert alike — will be able to tune into a podcast called “Tagline” that will shed light on the industry. Advertising Age, a leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for the marketing and media community, and iHeartMedia have teamed up to produce a podcast featuring the most creative people in the businesses of advertising, marketing, and communications.

“Tagline will give listeners an insider’s perspective on what the world that influences pop culture is really all about,” reads a statement provided to MAW. “The new podcast series will air twice a month on iHeartRadio and Advertising Age and feature a rotating series of the most talented and entertaining people in the business tackling everything from the most pressing questions to the most annoying trends.”

According to the partner companies, content and participants will evolve organically. In fact, as each episode concludes, the week’s Tagline host will play a kind of “you’re it” tag with the next guests being invited via a surprise phone call.

“Every day, people in the marketing community are whispering about what’s happened and what’s next – and now Tagline will let people all across the industry listen to those otherwise private conversations,” said Josh Golden, the publisher of Advertising Age. “Our audience wants to hear about the real conversations, frustrations, insights, and resolutions that happen in the conference rooms late at night and this partnership with iHeart will expose exactly that.”

The first season of Tagline will launch in November. The season will include 24 podcasts and special edition episodes corresponding with select industry events. The audio collaboration will be available for listeners via iHeartRadio.

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