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Marketers Speak: While Programmatic is Important, Brand Safe Platforms Are More CriticalCitizens aren’t the only ones worrying about “fake news” and fallacious websites.

In fact, a recent survey of more than 300 agency and client side marketers suggests that even though they believe programmatic has become a key element of digital success, finding and using “brand safe” platforms is even more critical.

That insight comes from Trusted Media Brands, Inc. which just released primary research from its latest survey. It notes that site credibility was rated as a top priority for 81 percent of the marketers queried. Seventy one percent of the survey respondents admitted that’s one of their toughest challenges right now.

“Fake news, ad fraud and non-premium content has marketers rethinking where and how they place their digital ads,” said Rich Sutton, the CRO at Trusted Media Brands.

Sutton believes Trusted Media Brands strategy — to offer private marketplaces and guaranteed accuracy to provide trusted, brand safe environments for clients —  is job #1.

According to the report’s findings, important takeaways from the survey include:

  • Audiences Matter Most. The factors most important to marketers when making their digital buying decisions are audience target delivery, viewability, and brand safe environments.
  • Accuracy and Relevancy Are Key. While audience target delivery is a top factor driving campaign effectiveness, ad creative and brand safe environments were also rated important by a majority of respondents.
  • Transparency is Critical. Reaching the right audience topped the list of challenges among digital buyers, but transparency was also a common theme. More than half of the survey respondents say they don’t see programmatic transparency getting better.

To read the insightful white paper on the study, click here.

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