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Consumers in Asia-Pacific may be one of the premier audiences for mobile ads via social media.

Not only do Asia-Pacific consumers have money to spend, they’re in the most mobile-centric of markets. Those factors are exerting a lot of influence on ad spending in the region. Now, paid social campaigns on popular platforms like Facebook are increasingly moving to mobile channels.

Back up for this trend comes from an August, 2016 survey by Hakuhodo. The company’s analysis of the habits of middle- and high-income smartphone owners in select cities in Asia-Pacific revealed that more than half of respondents accessed social media using their device. And eMarketer forecasted in late 2016 that more than 90 percent of Asia-Pacific Facebook users will log on to the site via mobile in 2017.

“This growing preference for mobile access of social networks in Asia-Pacific hasn’t been lost on the region’s advertisers, who are shifting spending toward mobile-focused social advertising at an increasing rate,” notes eMarketer. “One example of the trend is the proportion of company spending allocated toward Facebook’s mobile, rather than desktop, ad platform.”

In fact, data compiled in January by Nanigans suggests that mobile’s share of Facebook ad spending in Q4 2016 in Asia-Pacific was 88 percent, fully 10 percentage points higher than any other global geographic region.

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