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Flite Debuts ‘Velocity’ to Help Brand Marketers Handle Vertical Video AdvertisingTremor Video — a leading provider of software for video ad effectiveness – has just announced it will expand its exclusive partnership with Alphonso — a well known TV data firm — to take in all advertising sectors.

This means that all of Tremor Video’s buyer platform clients will have access to Alphonso’s real-time TV viewership data for 1:1 retargeting across all screens.

“Alphonso’s content recognition (ACR) technology retargets audiences exposed to a TV show or TV ad across mobile, tablet, or desktop in real time,” according to the official word. “For example, if a consumer is watching a primetime TV show on the living room TV, the network airing said TV show can deliver a simultaneous video ad to the consumer’s smartphone promoting a future airing of the same show.”

The companies have worked together since July, 2016 to develop new ways to utilize this technology, including using in-theater viewership data for real-time retargeting to moviegoers’ mobile devices.

But this is new: Tremor Video clients across auto, consumer packages goods, travel, quick-service restaurants, retail, telecommunications, and finance can use this same ACR technology to tap into TV viewership data.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership, offering a first-to-market opportunity across all categories,” said Lauren Wiener, the President of Buyer Platforms at Tremor Video. “Our goal is to help marketers utilize TV and in-theater viewership data in the most impactful way possible. By tapping into these precise consumer insights, this partnership allows marketers to ‘own the living room’ by extending their reach into high-performing, viewable, and fraud-free inventory on over 40 million devices in 30 million households.”

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