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On the Down Low with Dell -- and The Company's Take on Native AdvertisingNative advertising has a firm foothold in the pantheon of advertising strategies, but truth be told every brand is still figuring out how to employ it to maximum advantage.

That’s one of the topics that surfaced in a recent interview eMarketer conducted with Stephanie Losee, Dell’s managing editor. In the must-read piece, Losee gives a fascinating take on the opportunities available for exposure via native ads through some of the world’s foremost publishers. And some, it seems, have more to offer than others.

Why Dell — and why native? In fact, Dell has stuck its toe in the water of native advertising in a bolder way than many, running campaigns with publishers from The New York Times to Forbes.

“Each … publisher has its own approach to native, and I’m glad that they differentiate themselves,” Losee is quoted in the report. “Over these past few months, The New York Times has created a content studio that creates content that has a very particular look and feel.”

While Losee gives credit to how the NYT creates native ad content that has “a very particular look and feel,” Forbes appears to offer what Losee presents as a preferable alternative,

“Forbes, on the other hand, is a sustained, always-on native play,” she explains. “If I wanted an always-on presence, then I would think about Forbes first because what you’re buying is the site license. You have this page, and on any day you could publish something new on there. What’s delightful about Forbes is that they made that big, scary move early on to let brands have a shot at their audiences, and that lets our content compete head-to-head with Forbes’ editorial content.”

In the interview, Losee dishes on the power of video in advertising and her advice for newcomers to the native ad scene. It’s definitely worth a perusal. To check it out, click here.

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