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Love is in the Air for Native AdvertisingFrom Buzzfeed-like lists on your favorite digital pubs, to the social timelines on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, love is definitely in the air.

But the “love” we’re speaking of is like the love Richard Gere got from Julia Roberts during their first encounter in Pretty Woman. That’s right, this love is bought and paid for, folks.

Valentine’s Day content is being pimped out hard this year, NativeMobile has learned. And it’s not difficult to understand why. The commercialized V-Day industry is big, big business for many producers of the holiday’s must-have goodies.

Between the number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually (180 Million) to the average number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day (196 million), it becomes quite apparent how average annual Valentine’s Day spending is now speeding past $13 billion.

But in 2015, you may see more ads than ever before while erroneously thinking that you’re actually seeing fewer. How in the name of Cupid’s pudgy little bottom is that possible? Through native advertising, of course.

Beginning right after this Sunday’s presentation of the SuperBowl, expect ads for Valentine’s Day to explode onto your mobile screens. But they won’t be nondescript banners for chocolates and flowers. Oh, no. That would be much too simple. Instead, here are some of the sponsored content pieces we’ve learned are in the works for social media users in various markets across the nation:

  1. “5 cool places take your lady on Valentine’s Day that you never considered” (an ad for a Boston-based bowling alley and recreation center)
  2. “Move over roses, this bouquet will get her into bed faster” (a particularly sexist sponsored post from an East Coast florist chain)
  3. “5 appropriate sex toys to get sweaty with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day” (a sponsored FB ad from a Texas-based adult novelty store).

Think these posts are cheesy, lame, or offensive? Perhaps they are all of the above. But, chances are, they’ll al garner more clicks and subsequent business than a generic hero shot of roses and chocolates.

“Valentine’s Day brings out the creativity in digital advertising in ways not seen during other, more family-friendly holidays and occasions,” digital marketing consultant Ian Hayes tells NativeMobile. “With Valentine’s Day, you can get a little playful and randy with your marketing and usually get away with it. Even when it backfires, it’s still pretty effective. February 14th is just a natural fit for native advertising. There’s more compatibility there than what you’re going to find with most couples that go out on that night.”

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