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Will Yahoo's Mobile Audience Targeting for Native Advertisers Be a BullseyeMobile advertising agency and affiliate network Linkadia just chose Digital Element’s NetAcuity IP geolocation solution to boost its mobile ad targeting.

Digital Element is known as a leading IP geolocation technology provider; the company aims to improve performance for clients who use mobile advertising targeting.

“Linkadia offers a 360-degree solution to its customers, providing user acquisition, traffic monetization, and programmatic media solutions to global premium advertisers and publishers,” according to a joint media statement. “By incorporating Digital Element’s IP geolocation, mobile carrier, and ISP data, the company will be able to increase the accuracy of its geo-targeting capabilities for their clients across more countries than ever before – enhancing advertising performance and ROI.”

Another advantage is that Digital Element’s proxy database (featuring proxy type and proxy description information) will help Linkadia identify suspicious connections. That lets the company verify that the performance data shared with its clients relates to conversions from non-fraudulent traffic.

“At Linkadia, we are very aware of every nuance that might affect advertising efficiency and it is vital we provide the best solution for our clients to achieve their objectives on a permanent basis,” explained Dani Santamaria, the CEO and founder of Linkadia. “By using Digital Element’s IP geolocation information and by capitalizing on its team’s expertise, we can increase revenues by covering more countries and carriers than ever before.”

Founded in 1999, Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology, and its NetAcuity technology has revolutionized the IP geolocation space.

“By combining IP routing infrastructure analysis with anonymous location insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners, NetAcuity provides the most detailed dataset available worldwide today that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy,” the joint release concludes.

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