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Apple has launched its iOS 10.3 update and Leanplum, a leader in mobile marketing, is on board from the get-go.

“As the first to support iOS 10.3’s new features, Leanplum is empowering mobile marketers to capitalize on the newest innovations in app engagement, such as dynamic app icons and built-in App Store reviews,” reports Leanplum. “Together Leanplum and iOS 10.3 enable app teams to dynamically change their app’s icon and personalize to each user. Marketers can easily A/B test different icons to determine which drives the best engagement.”

The options for increased personalization are getting much of the buzz.

For instance, mobile app teams can now personalize their icons based on an individual user’s location, interests, language, behavior, and other factors. Icon changes for apps can also inform users of special deals, promos, or holiday suggestions.

Leanplum services mean mobile app teams don’t have to build their own logic systems to modify icons or A/B test them.

It makes sense to consider the benefits. Leanplum discovered that brands who run campaigns prompting reviews from their most engaged users can improve App Store ratings by a half to one additional stars. In iOS 10.3, Apple now lets users submit app reviews inside the app, rather than routing users to the App Store. This change will increase the likelihood of a review, and reduce interruption to the user flow.

“The mobile app marketplace is more crowded and competitive than ever before,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum co-founder and CEO. “However, iOS 10.3 ushers in exciting new capabilities to help mobile marketers personalize their apps, drive greater user engagement, and deliver business growth.”

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