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Waypedia Pinpoints the Mobile App Marketing Blunders That Deter SuccessOver 90% of marketers recognize the value of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) but a recent study shows only 20% of companies surveyed have a full ABM program in place. Recognition of the importance of ABMg has grown in the last year but in order to implement a successful ABM program marketers must first focus on lead-to-account matching— connecting leads to the right accounts.. Leadspace CEO, Doug Bewsher, believes this gap is due to a lack of knowledge and limited resources.

Leadspace, an end-to-end predictive analytics platform, put together reasons why lead-to-account matching is the first step in a successful ABM program and where to begin when rolling out the program.

Top 5 Uses for Lead to Account Matching

.Prospect within an existing account

The Leadspace platform automatically matches and classifies company names to provide an actionable list of potential prospects who have the greatest intent to buy. Get instant access to phone numbers, email addresses, or social media profiles for immediate contact by your sales and marketing teams.

Attribute leads correctly for opportunity tracking and measurement

Know with certainty whether a new lead represents a new opportunity for your Sales team and attribute credit to the proper marketing campaign or lead source. Leadspace removes the guesswork by automatically analyzing and matching companies and assigning them to the proper accounts using a unique identification field in your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Site-level lead routing to sales reps

The Leadspace Platform also provides site-level matching. For larger organizations with multiple global or domestic offices, Leadspace Enrichment infers site-level location information you can use to route leads to the appropriate regional sales teams or to use in more geographic-targeted marketing efforts.

Preserve existing account matching with custom unique identifiers

Leadspace Enrichment can update your existing database to quickly cleanse and assign this classification across all of your leads and accounts. The flexibility of the Leadspace platform allows you to automatically add these custom identifiers to all new inbound leads so they are assigned to the right accounts.

Account-based marketing

Circle an account and discover every stakeholder who may impact the buying cycle. The Leadspace Platform analyzes every company and then scours lead databases and the open and social web to find and score the individuals who you should be targeting.

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