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kony-survey-wearables-connected-devices-are-biggest-headache-for-mobile-app-developersA new study spearheaded by Kony, Inc., a leading enterprise mobility firm, suggests that the complexity of omni-channel development and design for multiple devices and platforms is a big challenge in the mobile app development world.

While wearables and connected devices are the next frontier for enterprise app developers and designers, the innovations required don’t come without stresses.

The recent sponsored survey of mobile app developers and designers unmasked the unique issues developers face when creating enterprise apps that innovate beyond the traditional form factors of mobile phones and tablets.

“The Next Frontier in Cross-platform Mobile Development: Wearables and Connected Devices,” which surveyed more than 230 global respondents from leading brands in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, pinpointed challenges.

“Among the main drivers for this frustration are a lack of clear vision among stakeholders, and the added complexity of developing and designing for multiple devices and platforms,” reads the report summary emailed to MAW.

According to Dave Shirk, president of Products, Strategy and Marketing, Kony, Inc., it’s all about the particulars.

“Forward-thinking enterprises are eager to take advantage of the wealth of new devices and form factors entering the market today, but capitalizing on these innovations remains a challenge for today’s mobile app design and development teams,” said Shirk. “To meet this demand, designers and developers need next-generation creative tools that allow them to more easily adapt their apps to a broader range of interfaces, screen sizes, and capabilities.”

Among the survey highlights are the fact that 69 percent of application designers said that designing for wearables and connected devices either already is a challenge they face or it will become one within the next six to 12 months.

In addition, 40 percent of developers said that the biggest challenge of mobile app development is the lack of communication between developers and IT stakeholders.

And what about the long term view?

“Nearly 25 percent of developers felt that stakeholders had “no clear vision” for mobility,” notes the Kony Crew. “Furthermore, the “sheer complexity of omni-channel development and testing” was cited as a top challenge by 37 percent of responding developers. Designers agreed, with 51 percent saying that, ‘designing for multiple devices and platforms’ is a challenge.”

Want to know more? The full report can be perused here.

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