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There’s something new from Kony, Inc., a leading provider of mobile apps for enterprises.

Now Kony AppVantage can help businesses of any size that are looking for innovative and cost-effective enterprise-grade apps.

“With Kony AppVantage, Kony can quickly build custom apps for organizations or customers can choose from a portfolio of existing pre-built packaged apps and components, which offer tailored applications for all types of customers that can quickly be assembled into custom applications,” the Kony crew tells MAW.

Custom apps are critical for businesses from banking and healthcare to energy and retail to remain relevant in the digital era. But knowing that is only half of the battle.

“Often, (businesses) are constrained by lack of time and in-house resources and skills necessary to design and build mobile applications,” notes YF. “Now enterprises of all sizes can call upon Kony experts to drive their mobile app projects, including full application development lifecycles – from initial design, through development, to deployment and management. The offering includes hosting, analytics, security, OS upgrades, and ongoing management and support.”

Kony AppVantage even offers pre-built apps for Retail Banking, Field Services, and Employee Self Service that can be extended to fit an organization or industries’ unique needs.

“Building a business-critical app can seem like a daunting or even near-impossible task for businesses lacking mobile app development skills or resources,” said Dave Shirk, president of Products, Strategy and Marketing for Kony, Inc. “Yet, companies can’t afford to remain analog if they want to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing digital era.”

“With AppVantage, we’re able to help businesses – large and small – turn their ideas into innovative applications that deliver the best business outcomes,” he added.

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