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It’s a good year so far for Kochava. The company just announced it now has more than one billion unique mobile devices within its Kochava Collective.

“(That gives) marketers access from more than 75 curated audiences among the top verticals to create tailored, custom supply or lookalike audiences for more precise targeting,” the Kochava crew tells us.

The beauty of the Kochava Collective is the way it simplifies targeting for marketers. In addition to an ability to create, reach, and scale ideal mobile audiences, it also offers an enhanced discovery of networks and allows marketers to engage users on the networks and platforms where they are most affordable and active.

“We’re ecstatic to have built the Kochava Collective to more than one billion users,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. ”The reception of the Kochava Collective by both marketers and networks has been more than we could have anticipated. This milestone demonstrates that the Kochava Collective is the largest independent mobile data marketplace and that we are fulfilling the previously unaddressed need for marketers to reach broader quality mobile audiences throughout the digital landscape.”

The company’s landmark achievement helps clients in an increasingly competitive digital environment.

The combination of rich insights like engagement, recency, session frequency, location and more within the Kochava Collective allows networks to expose their audiences to marketers who want to target a particular, highly specialized niche.

In many ways, the firm responds to the needs of both large and small marketers through integrations with the largest platforms and networks in the industry, including Facebook, Snap, Twitter, Google, The Trade Desk, AOL, AdColony, and other leading mobile networks and major DSPs.

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