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Are The Kardashians The Queens of Native AdvertisingLove ‘em or hate ‘em, the Kardashian family has become – and is poised to remain – media royalty in the United States.

One of the most prominent and controversial families in modern pop culture, the Kardashians generate ample attention with every move they make, perpetuating the notion that the Kardashians are chiefly famous for being famous.

The worldwide recognition that these Armenian beauties now enjoy is the product of successful brand creation and management by the entire Kardashian family. It goes without saying that the Kardashians are sterling examples of how to generate a brand, make it profitable, and maintain that growth by keeping it fresh.

Residing in their posh surroundings, the Kardashians today live a life of luxury openly and willingly in the public eye.

In the last decade, the Kardashians have managed to compel a commanding segment of the U.S. population to care enough about their antics and happenings to follow them in every available media channel that affords them coverage. To date, TV, magazines, radio, film, and internet projects have all chronicled this celebrated family.

And the Kardashians have masterfully manipulated this excessive media exposure into profitable advertising opportunities for a diverse array of companies, brands, and entrepreneurs.

If creating an organic feel for paid content and promotion is the basic definition of native advertising, then Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian are the undisputed queens of native advertising.

From being compensated to tweet about certain products, to purportedly being paid exorbitant sums by fashion designers to wear their labels in public, the Kardashian gals, it seems, are always promoting something even when we may not realize it.

“Say what you will about them,” Brian Dominguez of Brash Enterprise Marketing asserts, “the Kardashians are native advertising experts and their genius is off the charts.”

But, as Dominguez explains, the dangers associated with how the Kardashians approach advertising is far more dangerous and deceitful than what we’re seeing in the publishing world.

“Publications label native ads,” he says. “Some do it more transparently than others, but the point remains. If you’re the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, readers with a functioning frontal lobe can see what’s paid content and what’s not. We all know there are celebrities that promote things not out of genuine desire but because they are paid to do so, unbeknownst to us. That is the ultimate case study of deceptive advertising.”

According to Dominguez, since the FTC can’t mandate celebs to disclose which brands pay them to use certain products, those in the spotlight have a “responsibility to the public” to be forthcoming about when they are paid spokespersons.

“I’m not saying the Kardashians have been reckless because they do disclose a lot,” Dominguez concludes, “but I am saying that an irresponsible precedence is being set in the social media and digital age that many, many celebrities are nurturing.”

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