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Ka-Ching 4INFO Links Mobile Ads to Cash Register SuccessIf there’s one thing that marketers really want, it’s a way to connect the cost of mobile ads to real, live purchases by consumers.

Now Adtech company 4INFO has announced it can target video ad campaigns across mobile and online screens and measure the results in terms of actual sales.

“4INFO now gives brand advertisers the unprecedented ability to confidently invest in video advertising with precise, purchase-based targeting – both in mobile and online – with cross-platform attribution of sales results down to the UPC level,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO. “Our direct link to sales results goes far beyond our competitors’ digital ad measurement claims of less meaningful taps, clicks and store visits.”

Video advertising growth on mobile phones reflects the increased time users are spending interacting with those smaller screens. More than 100 million Americans watched videos on their smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2013, spending a monthly average of 83 minutes, according to data from Nielsen. Research from Media Post suggests that apps accounted for nearly 90 percent of the time smartphone users spent consuming media.

“Because we solved the mobile targeting issue first, 4INFO can reach the same households with online video ads by working with our data partners to extend the ad buying process to defined households using the online industry standard of cookies,” said Jenkins is quoted by RapidTVNews

Learning to go beyond old desktop “cookie” tracking models is a 4INFO specialty. The firm is now utilizing a proprietary mobile ad technology that it says has linked 152 million mobile devices to 101 million US households without the need for cookies or probabilistic modelling across Wi-Fi signals.

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