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Just DON'T Do It National Abstinence Education Programs Consider Native, Social Ads for Keeping Kids Out of the SackCould native advertising via social media keep kids out of the sack?

It’s a hard sell, to be sure — basically, Nike’s trademark slogan turned on its head: “Just DON’T do it!”

But NativeMobile has learned that just such a project is in the works. A series of “wordless ads” is being developed, depicting such things as a prom king holding a baby while being shunned by his athletic buddies and a high school cheerleader holding a baby atop a pyramid of fellow teenage cheerleaders.

These advertisements may soon turn up on social media sites as well as in the leading online publications frequently read by high school and college age students.

Our take on the mindset of the non-profit organization behind the ads is that abstinence programs are struggling to resonate with youngsters — and especially not with wordy appeals.

Could powerful visuals do what words cannot? Perhaps.

We did hear some spurious ideas. One scary ad would depict a screaming baby with a fever at 3 a.m. with the alarm clock set for work at 5 a.m., just as an email comes through from the babysitter who is canceling, while a notice from the water department that service is due to be shut off for non-payment lays next to the computer. Scarier than a cheerleader pyramid, right?

We’re tempted to say, “Sounds like modern life to most of us.”

Could education and availability of birth control work better than scaring the pants off young people? Ooops … we mean … scaring the pants back on them.

We’ll follow this story to find out if abstinence promoters just do it (the scary social media visuals) — or not.

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