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Jivox Debuts Platform to Deliver Unique, Personalized Video Advertising CampaignsExecs at Jivox, a leading platform for personalized digital advertising and marketing, are aware that video is the advertising medium du jour.

To capitalize on this latest development, the company has put together a powerful set of capabilities “that will allow brand marketers to easily build and deliver highly targeted video ad campaigns – customized to the individual – through the ability to dynamically generate hundreds of thousands of potential creative variations.”

Forget manual, custom-coded production methods. Jivox’s IQ platform has developed a sophisticated set of solutions for conducting personalized video advertising at scale, delivered from a single platform and with a self-service user interface for maximum ease of use.

“Video has long been a favorite format of advertisers. With the emergence of modern technology and greater data availability, however, brand marketers can finally do what TV has never been able to – add a personal touch,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “Instead of delivering the same video ad to each viewer, marketers now have the power to deliver video campaigns every bit as personalized as their display ad counterparts – and with equal ability to exponentially increase user engagement and improve campaign performance.”

According to BI Intelligence, online video ads generate three times more clicks than any other digital ad format, including mobile, display and rich media ads.

The Jivox digital ad platform, now available as part of the Jivox IQ platform, could be a game changer in dynamic video advertising. Among its benefits are Dynamic intra-video elements; Auto-play option for dynamic video; Support for dynamic out-stream video ads; Dynamic video for social media; and Dynamic video overlays.

“Many of the world’s largest brands and media agencies already rely on Jivox to deliver their most sophisticated display ad campaigns,” said Nesamoney. “The extension of our digital ad platform to personalized video is a natural next step in supporting our customers.”

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