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Jampp Gets Jump on Mobile App Ads with Launch of Dynamic Product AdsJampp, a leading app marketing and retargeting platform, has just introduced its latest engagement product: Dynamic Product Ads.

The ads allow advertisers to seamlessly promote their entire product catalog in seconds.

“The content featured in the ads is taken directly from the advertiser product feed and tailored for each user based on their previous in-app activity,” according to the company. “Applying programmatic technology, Dynamic Product Ads ensures users are shown products and offers they actually care to see, which in turn, increases conversions and dramatically reduces advertisers’ cost per action (CPA).”

For one thing, the ads address what the company calls “the goal-oriented nature of mobile.” For instance, apps are not competing for the mobile home screen any more than websites are competing to become your default browser.

“Apps are installed and/or launched when users need them to complete a task. The first purchase after an app is installed actually happens within the first few days or it likely doesn’t happen at all,” notes the firm in a statement emailed to MAW.

Or, as Diego Meller, the CEO and a co-founder of Jampp puts it: “There is a short window of opportunity right after a user installs an app in which the chances of that user making a purchase is at its maximum.”

Results show that relevant ads are an effective way of leading users back to apps.

“Until now, you could only create Dynamic Product Ads for mobile apps with Facebook Ads, so mobile retailers were missing out on the vast volume of RTB exchange traffic everywhere else,” said Meller.

Advertisers that participated in private beta testing report a 600 percent (or more) increase in engagement when comparing DPA campaigns to standard retargeting campaigns.

More information on Dynamic Product Ads for mobile apps is here.

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