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It's On Like Donkey Kong Will Nintendo Turn to Nostalgic Native to Promote New HardwareLooks like Nintendo intends to “get it on like Donkey Kong.” That hugely popular early game, created in 1981, spurred the expression, which describes a situation in which “it’s time to throw down or compete at a high level.”

In an effort to keep up with its leading video game rivals at Microsoft and Sony, may deploy some creative marketing strategies when the company’s next hardware is finally unveiled.

According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the company is creating a new next-generation hardware concept called NX.

“Iwata revealed sparse details of the new “dedicated game system” during a joint announcement of its partnership with Japanese mobile gaming company DeNA,” notes IGN. “The partnership will result in the development of smartphone games starring Nintendo characters along with a new multi-platform platform software service.”

Now, that sounds promising.

But amazingly, the company that was once considered ahead of its time is now accused of being behind the times (Here’s a taste of a recent commentary at Geek). The whole Geek tirade is a hoot and worth a read, especially for Nintendo heads.

But Nintendo has plans of its own, which may or may not satisfy everyone. The advertising plan is definitely interesting.

NativeMobile has learned that Nintendo wants to incorporate one element into future marketing that its competitors can’t capitalize on — nostalgia. Nintendo is a venerated name in the video game industry and it has a long and storied history it can capitalize on. Now Nintendo is interested, we hear, in running vintage-style ads featuring photos of gamers from the 1980s doctored to make it appear that the gamers are playing what’s new from Nintendo.

The image-centric campaign ideal for social media will ostensibly be structured in a way that tugs at the hearts and rekindles the fond memories millions of people who grew up with Nintendo. The company is banking on brand loyalty to keep Nintendo gamers in the Nintendo family even amidst a video gaming environment that’s no more competitive than ever.

Will it work? We’re not ready to bet the whole Mario Kart … but we’re tempted.

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