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Is Opera's New Premium Mobile Exchange The Real DealAhead of the weekend, Opera Mediaworks heralded the launch of a new private marketplace (called Opera Select) to connect the buyers and sellers who work with prominent company.

But at a junction in mobile and digital advertising where every press release from every company is made to sound like a miraculous gift to the advertising world bestowed by the heavens above, it’s exceedingly difficult to separate substance from style.

So while Opera clearly talks a good game with its newest initiative, we wanted to dig a little deeper. And, fortunately for us, the folks at Opera were more than willing to answer NativeMobile’s questions.

When asked what makes “Opera Select” the real deal when compared to the growing number of competing exchanges that spring up on a regular basis, David Kurtz, SVP of Product Strategy at Opera Mediaworks, responded.

“Like Opera Mediaworks as a whole,” Kurtz tells us, “Opera Select is focused on providing a level of quality not available on other exchanges. In this initial launch, that means buyers will have access to the early session display impressions in premium environments that our platform offers.”

Innovation, Kurtz says, is at the heart of his company’s efforts in the programmatic space today.

“Our focus is ensuring that we never sacrifice the quality that Opera Mediaworks is known for, while still making it available programmatically,” he continues. “For example, as we move through the year, our highly-differentiated video products (Instant-Play technology) will become available exclusively through Opera Select. And as we continue to innovate our ad products, we are committed to support programmatic buying of those products.”

Although there’s certainly no shortage of grandiose and self-congratulating overtones emerging from company announcements in the programmatic arena today, Opera Mediaworks does a better job than most at silencing critics. The reason? They have a solid track record of delivering on their pledges.

To learn more about Opera Select, you can do so here.

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