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Is Data Driving Creativity? Jivox Survey Says More Than Half of Ad Execs Already Using ItProgrammatic creative advertising is “poised to skyrocket” according to a just released survey from Jivox, the findings of which were provided to MAW.

Jivox, which offers a data driven ad platform, surveyed 165 ad agency executives in August.

The survey “evaluated the challenges, opportunities and trends driving programmatic creative — an approach to digital advertising that uses data to produce and serve personalized ads via programmatic media,” explain the report authors.

Survey responses, we’re told, came from many leading advertising agencies, publishers, and brands.

“The survey revealed a momentary gap between advertisers’ current plans to offer programmatic creative as part of their digital ad strategy, and immediate client-side demand, suggesting an early adopter market that is set to accelerate in 2016 as brands, agencies, and technology vendors demonstrate the value of programmatic creative to drive consumer engagement,” the report summary notes.

The survey findings show that programmatic advertising is at an all-time high, with 85 percent of advertising executives using it as part of their ad strategy.

One of the report highlights that jumped off the screen is the fact that 87 percent of advertisers are now incorporating programmatic into their ad buying strategies.

Additionally, 66 percent of responding advertisers now use programmatic solutions for about 25 percent of their ad buys.

“Programmatic Media buying using data was the first big wave of technology driven disruption in the digital advertising market,” says Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO of Jivox. “The next big wave is Programmatic Creative. As brands have harvested the efficiencies and performance of programmatic media buying, they are turning now to relevant creative – delivering the right message to the right person at the right time using data and technology.”

For additional insights, check out the full report findings here.

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