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When it comes to prized global markets, China is at the top of many lists. But though the country boasts more than 730 million internet users, the environment in the country so complex that collecting and analyzing audience data in China is not an easy task.

Chinese programmatic giant iPinYou has introduced a solution: a demand side platform (DSP) that provides an integrated solution to access more than 92 percent of Chinese media. The company has developed a data driven approach to market analysis, audience insights, and product market fit evaluation for its clients.

Now China’s leading DSP, iPinYou helps global brands identify, analyze, and engage Chinese consumers and to succeed in the Chinese marketplace.

“Many foreign brands assume that they can simply re-use their global audience personas when first entering the China market, but this often causes the advertiser to disregard other high potential audiences that are specific to the Chinese consumer environment,” the company tells us.

A recent example is proof of the iPinYou pudding. Its programmatic advertising platform worked with a European luxury children’s brand recently and — via a shift to equal targeting of men and women — improved the firm’s revenue.  True, 90 percent or more of the client’s global consumers were women, but Chinese family dynamics suggested a shift to more equitable targeting would produce better bottom line results — and it did.

iPinYou is fast becoming a prized partner. The company has received the “Best in Class” award from Google DoubleClick, Baidu, and Tencent for its  programmatic marketing platform, as well as a CNY 500 million pre-IPO investment from strategic partner China Mobile and other investors.

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